Regarding exhibitors and visitors’ accommodation ROTA SA had appointed NORSTAR as the only official housing agency for DEFEA 2025.
NORSTAR has secured a large range of great housing options with exclusive discounts for DEFEA attendees.

Numerous bookings for accommodation and transportation are made from exhibitors and visitors of DEFEA, with options varying from nearby the fair to all around the city of Athens.
Bookings at preferential prices are made through our official web site. A series of private or group bookings can also be made offline, with unlimited personalised options.

Regarding the next edition of DEFEA, which will take place on 6 – 8 May 2025, make sure you do all the necessary actions in time, as the tourist season will have started and in Athens there will be a high demand for hotel reservations.

You are highly recommended to book your stay through our Official Housing Agent which will enable you to use the morning shuttle service to the Metropolitan Expo Exhibition center and a return shuttle service to the DEFEA HOTELS in the afternoon.
If you wish to book in a different hotel, or different dates, we recommend that you send your inquiry at and the team will help you make all the arrangements needed according to your special preferences.

Furthermore, you may use the same contact e-mail  to arrange any private transportation you may need (i.e. airport transfers) or private and group tours you wish to organise.

We look forward to welcoming you again in Athens!